BLUE aka World Expanding Fear. 2014.

The illusive blue often seems to resemble wind. How do you explain wind to a friend who maybe never knew there was a word for wind? Of course they’ve felt it, right? Is it presumptuous to assume every bodies felt wind/ knows blue?

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 12.11.58 PM

This is what my bio looked like at the time and if you really really want to witness such saccharine sentimentality you can follow the link below to the Fuller Terrace Lecture Series archive.

“Ashley Bedet is a kind of serious, often shy but sometimes outgoing and irreparably goofy person. Once somebody had a dream with her in it where she was an Isis figure who breathed in all the dust of the dead and exhaled living things. She wishes this were true in waking life and fears that this talk is just the coughed up phlegm from inhaling the dust of the dead in attempt to make and share something real and living. Right now she is on a little trip and will be back soon to celebrate halloween with you jokers. Ashley has sent this video and has asked her favourite drummer, the surreptitiously cool Hannah MacGrath to help her out with an explanation of blue.”

Blue aka ‘World Expanding Fear’