the opposite of a look is a kiss. 2020.
“the opposite of a look is a kiss” 2020, is hidden throughout the city. a multipurpose item to serve as a reminder, token, and tool.

To look and touch are two sides of the same objective. Sometimes a person’s objective is simply to look but do not touch, or touch but do not see. Enter the multipurpose tool; joining a mirror – to look and reflect, with the emblem of a kiss – to touch. A reminder that the opposite of a look is a kiss, and that the two are entwined. The card can be used to pry, reflect, remember, scrape, crease, flatten, prop or any other verb the user requires of it. These actions will mark the card at the users discretion.

This project was commissioned as part of Bogdan Cheta’s The Blue Light.
the opposite of a look is a kiss, was documented and animated by Shane Arsenault of Bloc Studio.
It was modelled by yours truly.