ZEMPEKS | Zip Elan Mana Power Energy Ki Spirit. 2020.

A Three Part Experimental Radio play on the subject of energy featured on CJSW 90.9 FM on Paula Fayerman’s show NOISE. This project is produced through Spark Science Centre‘s inuagural Energy Transitions Artist-in-Residence Program. As part of Spark Science Centre’s Energy Transitions Artist-in-Residence program I spent my residency focusing on the topic of energy.  IncreasinglyContinue reading “ZEMPEKS | Zip Elan Mana Power Energy Ki Spirit. 2020.”

Strange Territory. 2017.

Short collaborative film by Ashley Bedet and Jessie Short commissioned by RT Collectives micro-granting project Partners in Crime.  Strange Territory follows Shim, a transparent eyeball, in this meditation on the intricacies of pleasure and desire. Erotic fulfilment could very well be equal parts exploration as it is knowing your own self and desires, ridiculous as that playful examination canContinue reading “Strange Territory. 2017.”

self described rock. 2017.

Paper, Bow River Water, Ink, Elastic Band. Edition of three. Commissioned by Alana Bartol and Sarah Nordeen for Quarry Park Legacy Piece. Cross sections of marble or granite* look strikingly similar to photos of galaxies – indicating the millennia of specific environmental factors which illustrate a rocks history. Similarly these rocks unfold to present theContinue reading “self described rock. 2017.”