the mortal and corporeal realm

A rolled chord of sunlight unfurled. (2022).
No such thing as a sure thing. (2021-2022).

The Space Between Two Points. (2020).

praxis residency at Untitled Arts Society with Fionn Duffy in pursuit of our ongoing project: The Three-Body Problem.

The Opposite of a Look is a Kiss. (2020).

is hidden throughout the city. a multipurpose item to serve as a reminder, token, and tool.

Calcium, Plaster, Tooth, and Pearl. (2020).

Recycled plaster wall work installation.

Between Play. (2018).

Between play is the accumulation of a few different movements — Through workshops offered to Western Canada High School students engaging and educating students about sound and performance art two things were produced.

Selection occurs from the onset — Persistence in continuum. A soft moon turns hard, then turns to a planet. Its star collapses and a new formation persists. (2017).

a monolith and an obelisk walk into a room… (2016).

This is a set of sculptures design for a pre-cinematic space for Sled Island, curated by Ginger Carlson.

self described rock. (2017).

Paper, Bow River Water, Ink, Elastic Band. Edition of three.
Commissioned by Alana Bartol and Sarah Nordeen for Quarry Park Legacy Piece.

Human Trap (2013).

A human sized rabbit trap.