the conceptual+non-corporeal+ethereal

The space between two points. (2020).

praxis residency at Untitled Arts Society with Fionn Duffy in pursuit of our ongoing project: The Three-Body Problem.

ZEMPEKS | Zip Elan Mana Power Energy Ki Spirit (2020).

A Three Part Experimental Radio play on the subject of energy featured on CJSW 90.9 FM on Paula Fayerman’s show NOISE. This project is produced through Spark Science Centre’s inaugural Energy Transitions Artist-in-Residence Program.

Between Play. (2018).

Between play is the accumulation of a few different movements — Through workshops offered to Western Canada High School students engaging and educating students about sound and performance art two things were produced.

Strange Territory. (2017).

Short collaborative film by Ashley Bedet and Jessie Short commissioned by RT Collectives micro-granting project Partners in Crime. 

Selection occurs from the onset — Persistence in continuum. A soft moon turns hard, then turns to a planet. Its star collapses and a new formation persists. (2017).

GOAL STATE: immaterial labour behind production. (2016).

Being and doing are not tasks that are mutually exclusive. In many cases they are the same. Product is formed as the goal-state of both being and doing.

Blue AKA World Expanding Fear (2014).

Listen, I made this a long time ago. It’s here for posterity.

are + be. (2014).

Are + Be is a game. It is only a game as far and as fun as introspection is.

written works